The first restaurant Da Bruno was given birth in Italy.
by the family Bruno Ortolano.
Later it was extended in Germany. In 1980 are presented in the Greek space,
first in [Kifisia] and the 1984 in the. Old Faliron where it remains for 23 years.
With the taste of [Familias] [Ortolano] and the Italian collaborators [sef] Sergio,
Andriano, Martselo, Roberto, Giovanni, continue up to today. The been careful cooker,
the constant quality, his hospitable [sala]
and educated personnel live up each day under the eye of Mr awake Dimitri Tsoukari.
In his twenty years of operation became [steki] of personalities from the all spaces.
The last 3 years it was extended in the space of Catering with exceptional success.
The visitor enjoys his fresh [cheiropoiita] pastas, [astakomakaronada],
[kolochtypa] [Dodekanisoy], fileto Alta mira that cooks the himself in the Stone,
but also a rich list with Italian flavours, that keep the delivery of Italian cooker.